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Crocyard Trading SMC-Pvt Ltd, highly successful company developed its expertise on the basis of Navid khan’s personal enthusiasm and experience in Heavy Lifting Equipment & Road Construction Machines to provide high end productivity in all types of road vehicles. The actual experience has driven the business to a leading position. Over 10years of working experience in heavy lifting equipment sector in Dubai, UAE, we as Crocyard Trading SMC-Pvt Ltd started our Trading Line to meet the market demand and are well on its way to  attaining further success by providing a wide range  of products and services to not only Heavy Lifting & Construction Equipment but other similar heavy vehicles out of our scope if given an opportunity.


These   days   buying   reputable   and  reliable Heavy  Equipment  Machines  are quite challenging  from  wholesalers  to  end-users  both   having  the  same  dilemma  about Compatibility,  Price  and  Quality   issues because   there   are   so  many Dealers/Suppliers   in   the   market  to  move their  stocks,  so  where  do  you   start?   How about starting with a company that has a solid reputation in the Heavy Equipment Sourcing industry.  One  that  has  the  technological abilities  to  search  and  customize  the required products  as  per  customers’  request.   In  response   to   the   growing  demand Crocyard   Trading  Pvt-Ltd   has   linked  with various   factories   across   China or  Japan   to  provide  a  range   of   services  and   supply  specialized   products   to  meet   the   particular  requirements  of customers.


Supplying & Sourcing:

Imagine calling on one source to procure  and  deliver  all  products  of  any  brand from  Heavy  Equipment  to  Road Construction  Machineries  and  beyond our scope which is not mentioned in this site.  We  can  source  your  required equipment in given time frame. We want to be your one and only sourcing partner,  our proven factories and supplier’s can fulfill  your  all  requirements  using  B2C and  B2B  distribution  channels.  Please contact our sales team or fill the 'Enquiry Form' to get the best quote.

You Call

Our sales office is based in Pakistan, having partnerships with main factory, suppliers and freighters allow Crocyard access to a global customer network. 

Regions we supply:
  • Asia
  • Gulf / Middle East  
  • Africa
We are always seeking new customers to expand our sales channels and introduce our products in new market.

What Makes A Great Brand?

It’s not always the biggest, the most profitable or the most well-known. One Could argue that you would need to hit those three mountaintops to be considered “great,” and that’s fair enough. Simply we focus on how it makes a consumer feel, is it mission-based and driven, does it inspire the confidence of the customer? And how trustful it is. These are the basic points on which we work to win the customers’ trust.

Invest With Us

We   are   looking   for   investors, manufacturers   in   the   field   of   Heavy Equipment & Road Construction Machines to   invest   with   us   and   choose   us   as  their sole  distributor  in  our  local  market  of  Pakistan,   since   we   are   trading  company  (import/export)   and   mainly relying  on our  foreign vendors in terms of procuring therefore its good chance    for the interested  investors   who   have   plan to  invest in  Pakistan  and  reach  CPEC  projects by  establishing subsidiary/factory or   distribution   channels,   we   can   help  you  settle   your    business   by   finding  land,  providing  legal   services,   market  research,  visa facilities  and much  more.